ET-2/2.5 Aluminum Tonearm Wand Joint

Eminent Technology is offering an improved aluminum tonearm wand joint replacing the original carbon fiber version that interfaces between the air bearing spindle and the wand for the ET-2 and ET-2.5 series tonearms. The aluminum joint improves the tonearm to wand interface by being 1.5 times stiffer. The joint is made of 6061-T6 black anodized aluminum, the mounting points and hole locations are identical to the original part and it is compatible with both the ET-2 and 2.5, best used with the Carbon Fiber or Magnesium arm wands and medium to low compliance cartridges. Price $225.00 each, Price includes shipping in the U.S. Email brucet at eminent-tech dot com for questions.

To order send in a check or Money Order to:

Eminent Technology

225 East Palmer Ave.

Tallahassee FL 32301-5533

or paypal to the email address above

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