Eminent Technology was established in 1982 to create innovative products in the audio field. Eminent Technology's first product was a air bearing straight line tracking tonearm for phonograph playback. This was the first implementation of a captured air bearing for tonearm use. Eminent Technology's second product, dubbed the ET-2, was a more advanced version of the captured air bearing tonearm concept and it went on to become the most successful selling high-end tonearm. In 1985 Eminent Technology began developing planar magnetic loudspeakers and in 1987 introduced the worlds first full range push-pull planar magnetic loudspeaker, the LFT-3. Since that time Eminent Technology has continued to advance its loudspeaker technology and has introduced a number of new models including the first planar magnetic computer multimedia speaker. The Monsoon flat panel computer multimedia speakers were based on Eminent Technology patents.

Today Eminent Technology is shaking up the world with its newest loudspeaker concept, the Thigpen Rotary Woofer.

Eminent Technology manufactures most of its products at its own facility. It also manufactures Edison Price Music Post, a five way binding post, and is a OEM supplier to a number of other audio companies. Eight U.S. patents have been granted to Eminent Technology products.

Our Mailing Address is:

Eminent Technology, Inc.
225 East Palmer Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

We can also be contacted by:

Phone: (850)575-5655
E-Mail: info@eminent-tech.com

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