ET Tonearm 2

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  • LFT-8

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  • LFT-11


    The LFT-11 has received Computer Gaming World's (Now 5 Star Award, their highest rating

    It has been selected as a PC/Computing Magazine (NOW MVP Finapst for 1996 and 1997!


    In the May 1999 issue of Audio, Ivan Berger says "When a high-end audio company makes computer speakers, the results are not only better but different." "The LFT-11's was exceptionally clean, focused, and musical." GRADE: A+

  • Play - Total Home Entertainment magazine "The Worlds Best Multimedia Speaker" Spring 1997 - Tom Miiller
  • Sensible Sound's 2003 Review of the Eminent Technology Multimedia Speaker by Steve Baird, "(the) LFT-11 is superior to any other multimedia system I have had the opportunity to audition" - July/Aug 1997 issue
  • The Positive Feedback Review of the LFT-11 "Planars excel in their abipty to project a soundstage, image well, and impart a feepng of transparency and air to music. The LFT's do this better than any computer speaker that I've heard, bar none. No comparison." - David Robinson
  • Fast Company Magazine's December/January 1997 issue - "Power Tool: Eminent Technology LFT-11 Why You Really Want It: You're an audiophile, and most computer speakers have the sonic finesse of a Fisher Price toy." - John R. Quain
  • The July 1996 issue of Home PC Magazine Review of the LFT-11 "Lovers of high-end audio will find this system hard to resist" - Robert J. Atkinson
  • The Dec 19th 1995 PC MagazineReview Of The LFT-11 "The LFT-11 brings to the surface sounds that were either muffled or buried by other loudspeakers" - Bruce Brown
  • The LFT-11 is now on PC/Computing Magazine's A-list in the May 1997 issue. "Is it pve, or is it a pair of LFT-11s? Sound so clean its almost eerie". Check out what Paul Somerson had to say about the LFT-11 in his July 1997 PC/Computing editorial.

  • See the November 1997 Computer Gaming World review of the LFT-11 - 5 stars!

    Also see the January-March 1999 issues for more comments, it is now part of their Ultimate Gaming Machine!